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A5 Retro Combination Lock Notebook Daily Diary Paper Blank Journals Recycled Notebook Customizable Logo

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Product Description

                Initial password: 0000                             Introduction to password opening

Protect Your Privacy: leather notebook journal with a secure password lock,

ensuring that your thoughts and secrets stay safe and private. The lock is easy to

set and prevents unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind knowing that your

personal writings are protected.We've included an instruction manual in our package.

If you experience any difficulty opening the code lock or forget your password,

please don't hesitate to contact us.

       Introduction to password opening                 Thick and visible, exquisite and durable

Premium Quality Paper: A5 Retro Combination Lock Notebook uses 3 specifications

of inner pages: 100 sheets, 150 sheets, 200 sheets, 100gsm Dowling paper, perfect for

writing without the worry of ink bleeding through. The high-quality paper ensures that

your writing is smooth, crisp, and easy to read. Plus, the paper is thick enough to

prevent any unwanted imprints or impressions from the other side of the page.

        Precision thread locking                                             Double hemming process

Stylish And Durable Design: A5 Retro Combination Lock Notebook Made with a

vintage-inspired cover design, featuring Embossed embossing. The cover is made

of high-quality leather that's both stylish and durable, protecting your diary from

wear and tear. The diary is perfect for students, professionals, men, women, girls, 

          Card Slot Design                                                            Hidden Pen Tray Design

Multifunctional And Versatile: A5 Pu Leather Notebook is not only perfect for

writing daily entries, but also works great as a planner, journal, or notebook.

A5 leather  journal notebook comes with a ribbon bookmark, an Card slot

and a pen holder, making it a convenient tool for anyone who wants to

keep their thoughts organized.

A Perfect Gift: Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, or any special
occasion, A5 Pu Leather journal Notebook makes an excellent gift for anyone
who loves to write or wants to keep their thoughts organized. A5 Leather
Notebook is beautifully packaged ,making it a thoughtful and practical gift
for your loved ones.


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